Game and Level Designer


Position: Programmer
Project: Application
Released: March 2011
(Personal Project)

Software programmed in the C# language and developed in the Unity 3D game engine.

The Multi-URL Opener. It's developed with the sole purpose to facilitate opening multiple links at the same time, with no stress at all. With SilverHawk, you can copy that HUGE block of URLs and just paste in the software, so it will instantly open all sites in separate tabs in your default browser. You can also ignore the fact that some links may be separated between spaces or lines and have strange symbols between them (like < > ; , ( ) etc). Open each site in a separate tab, instantly. Magic!

After copying all your links, you can use one of the two modes:

Instant!: paste the URLs, and do nothing. Exactly, do just nothing because the link pages will start to pop in your browser, right before your eyes, INSTANTLY!

Click to Open: paste the URLs and when you feel you are done adding more site URLs, you can click "Open Everything!" to get all sites open in your browser. This is a safer mode because you tell the software when you want the pages to be open, but this is not so fast like the Instant! mode.

Responsibilities: Designed and programmed this software, as a personal and solo project.

SilverHawk is a free software. If you want to use it, simply download it for free. If you want to give some feedback or report any bugs, please email to



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